New Album

I am happy to announce the release of my fourth solo album!  For more information, including how to order, please visit the Vanity Rock page.

Song Portfolio

Listen to some of my music from various projects:

  The Wise Man
  Binary World
  All Points Beyond
  I Promise
  Violent Moods

Album Releases

My albums are available on CD, and can be previewed and purchased at CD Baby.


Supported by a formidable cast on guitar, bass, and drums, Mike keeps things clean and punchy, alternating between passionate vocal sections and dramatic instrumental passages. Florio's voice also is a cut above; his clear, resonant sound fluid and effortless. - Progression Magazine

The progressive element of the album is of the acceptable kind that never meanders and gets to the point without ever disappearing into over-complicated, jazz style workouts. Mike handles all the keyboards and vocals and does a sterling job on both fronts. - PowerPlay Magazine


I'm a life-long rock musician just trying to keep busy working on projects I enjoy.  I spent my younger years writing songs and playing in bands, but as I got older I shifted my focus more toward home recording.  I've produced four solo albums to date, and have contributed lead vocals, keyboards and songwriting to a number of collaborations with other artists.  I'm always looking for inspiring projects to work on and I try to bring a unique touch and perspective to every one.

What I'm Doing Now...


Florio is like a secret weapon waiting to happen to an established successful band who has lost a member and needs a shot of creativity... - John Eargle, Supernal Endgame

He really has not sought the limelight, but if he wanted to do it he would be one of the big names in our genre. - Mike Visaggio, Kinetic Element

Discography & Credits

• Vanity Rock (2019, LP - solo album)
• Reconcile (2014, LP - solo album)
• Artifacts Volume 1 (2013, LP - solo album)
• Arisen (2006, LP - solo album)
• Flying Dark (2018, 2 singles w/ Flying Dark - vocals/synths/lyrics)
• The Trail of Tears Suite (2017, LP w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals/songwriting/keys)
• Travelog (2015, LP w/ Kinetic Element - vocals 1 track)
• The Walk (2015, LP w/ The Walk - organ 1 track)
• Ichabod (2014, single w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
• Long Way to Mars (2013, LP w/ Canvas - vocals/synth/lyrics on title track)
• CPR 4 (2011, compilation LP - 1 song - w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
• Collective Spirit (2011, LP, w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
• Native Son (2010, single w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals/songwriting)
• Lost in Space (2010, LP w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals 1 track, synth 1 track, 1 song)
• CPR 3 (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)
• Progressive Rock Hall of Fame (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)


Please send email to Mike at this domain.  Thanks for your interest!

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