Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Recording Artist and Composer

With musical tastes ranging from classic and progressive rock to various flavors of electronic and soundtrack music, Mike brings a unique touch and perspective to every project he takes on.  He has released three solo albums to date, and has contributed keyboards, lead vocals and songwriting to a number of collaborations with other artists.

Music Samples

The Wise Man


The Crawl

Native Son

All Points Beyond

Violent Moods

Discography & Credits

Reconcile (2014, LP - solo album)
Artifacts Volume 1 (2013, LP - solo album)
Arisen (2006, LP - solo album)
Travelog (2015, LP w/ Kinetic Element - vocals 1 track)
The Walk (2015, LP w/ The Walk - organ solo 1 track)
Ichabod (2014, single w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
Long Way to Mars (2013, LP w/ Canvas - vocals/synth/songwriting 1 track)
Collective Spirit (2011, LP, w/ Visual Cliff - keyboards)
Land and Sky (2010, EP, w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals/songwriting)
Lost in Space (2010, LP w/ Vertical Alignment - vocals 1 track, synth solo 1 track, 1 song)
CPR 3 (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)
Progressive Rock Hall of Fame (2008, compilation LP - 1 song)

Promo Docs

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A Guided Tour of Artifacts Volume 1
Artifacts Volume 1 Release
Revisiting the Making of Arisen
Arisen Release - Backstory & Reviewer Comments


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