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Mike Florio
Mike Florio
Musician and Independent Recording Artist

The Wise Man
from RECONCILE (2014)
from ARISEN (2006)
All Points Beyond
from Artifacts Volume 1 (2013)
Violent Moods
from ARISEN (2006)
Letter from Babylon
from RECONCILE (2014)

pdfDiscography & Credits
pdfLa Grand Messe Du Prog
pdfThe Long Road to Reconcile
pdfReconcile Release
pdfFree-Thinking Musician & Reluctant Solo Artist
pdfA Guided Tour of Artifacts Volume 1
pdfArtifacts Volume 1 Release
pdfRevisiting the Making of Arisen
pdfArisen Release - Backstory & Reviewer Comments

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Mike Florio - Reconcile
Mike Florio - Artifacts Volume 1
Mike Florio - Arisen
Mike Florio